Time to sell?

Life happens. When it does and when that means selling, choosing the right agent can mean the difference between getting the maximum price and moving on your time schedule… or months of disruption, anxiety, and missed opportunities.

We believe that the best strategy starts with a straightforward talk about where you want to be and when. Whether you are on a tight time schedule and need to capture the maximum value now, or the have the flexibility to wait for that one perfect buyer -we can help guide your strategy to get you there.

Our 2 best tips for showings-

Be flexible- pick a place ahead of time to go when last minute requests for showings come (coffee shop, diner, etc) - these are often the best type of buyers!

Go for minimalist- Studies show that a clutter free home, tastefully decorated with just the essential furniture will sell faster and for more money than a comparable home that is packed with memorabilia and accumulated furniture.

A great way to get a head start on the move is to simply move as much as you can live without into storage. For about $100 a month (depending on size required), the time and price you’ll achieve are worth it! Many storage companies will even come and pickup.

our checklist for sellers-

Research your building- know the recent sales, building requirements and selling process, also know what sold in similar units, in comparable buildings in the area. Many of these items can be found online, but we’d be happy to prepare a report for you at no obligation.

Research the NYC market-recent sales trends, projected job market for NYC, overall economy, stock markets. All of these will have an impact on the price you can expect to achieve.

Make a shortlist of agents to meet- even if you love the buyers agent you used originally, make sure to get a few opinions from other agents. If nothing else it will give you more data when determining your listing price. Call or email us!

Interview the agents- get to know the person or persons you are partnering with to sell your apartment. Besides the typical ‘get to know you’ questions, ask about their strategy and decide if it’s compatible with your goals.

*One secret- ask what they like about your apartment and what they would change if they had an unlimited budget. Nothing sells better than passion and vision. The highest price will come from the buyer who see’s your home as exactly (or potentially) what they’ve been searching for. Your broker has to see it too.

Decide on a listing price and time frame- Go to a few open houses in your area. Once you have a sense of the price range and what your comps are you will be in much better position when deciding on how aggressive to be on pricing.

Prepare your apartment to show- aim for minimalist- a tidy apartment creates a much better feeling for visitors. A small storage locker can be rented for under $100 a month. Get all the loose items and seasonal clothing and start the move now! If it seems too hard- start with the seasonal stuff and at least free your closets to tuck things away for the showings.