Renting in nyc-

Fee, No Fee, Op.. What does it all mean?

Looking through the rental ads on most websites sites can feel like a dating app. Pictures that are old, descriptions that are affectatious and bordering on deception. Listing prices that are deceptively priced as ‘net effective’ rates. And too often by the time the rental ‘agent’ responds, the apartment has a lease out but the agent is now calling endlessly about their other listings.

We can help walk you through the pitfalls and point you in the right direction for your search- just email or call! We are confident that if you are serious about finding the perfect apartment - we can help you find it!

Documents you will need

Employment Letter & Verification
Tax Returns
Professional references Personal References Current Landlord letter Signed NYS Agency Disclosure Form



You’ve made this process much easier for me!”

“thank you for all your help, I will definitely keep in touch and recommend you to friends. I really appreciate the help you’ve offered, your honesty and availability.”

— Lazare D. New Tenant, Paris

Thank you so much!! You’ve been a HUGE help! I really couldn’t do it without you!! Please keep in touch:) !

— Yun

Geoff was a pleasure to work with.  He's upbeat, friendly, and thoughtful.  He really took the time to understand my preferences and then found apartments that actually met my criteria and were good candidates for me.  He was also patient.  My search lasted many months, and he stuck with me every step of the way and never pressured me to settle on an apartment just to make a sale.  In addition, Geoff surrounds himself with a great team who are available to step in and lend their support if there is ever a day when Geoff can't make a viewing.  I'm very happy with my experience using Geoff as a broker, and fully recommend him to others who are ready to apartment hunt.

- David D.